Portable Sanitation & Related Products

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Signature Unit

Considered the deluxe model portable toilet, each self-contained unit includes a small pump action sink and pump action flush tank; supplied with approx. 20+ gal. fresh water, hand soap, paper towel, and (2) rolls toilet paper.

Specialty Toilets

Available in unique "wraps," these toilets can be requested for special events. Currently, we have camouflage, balloon, and blue sky patterns!

Regular Toilets

Each of regular units comes standard with a 60 gallon waste holding tank and a urinal.

Handwash Toilets

Same as our regular toilets, but with a sink in place of the urinal.

Winterized Units

Our regular and handwash toilets can be equipped with a heater and a winterized coat to help keep the heat in.

portable toilets NS

Handicap Washrooms

Our Comfort Inn Portable Restrooms are wheelchair accessible with a compact design, which allows for easier movement.

VIP Portable Toilets

Our most spacious units; all our VIP washroom come with handwash and flushing capabilities.

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Crane Slinged Units

For construction sites that need to bring the toilet up to the top of buildings, the crane sling can be attached to either our regular, handwash, or winter units.

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Portable Sinks

Two different models of portable sinks – two-way and four-way.  Each contains 20 – 24 gallons of fresh water, storage for the used grey water, and enough soap and paper towel to handle all needs.

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Hand Sanitizer Stands

Our hand sanitizer stands have two 1.2 litre containers of hand sanitizer; these units are great for events.

Washroom Trailers

Two types available, each air conditioned; these trailers require a water source and 110V power supply

VIP washroom trailer

  • separate men’s and women’s washroom areas
  • men’s side has one stall and 2 urinals with a sink
  • women’s side has 3 stalls and a sink

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Construction washroom trailer

  • separate men’s and women’s washroom areas.
  • men’s side has one stall and 1 trough style urinal with a sink
  • women’s side has 2 stalls and a sink


Additional Services

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Special Event Waste Needs, including Roll-off Containers

Events often require specific plans for waste collection and disposal. Fortunately, thanks to our partnership with REgroup, we can accommodate any and all of your needs, specifically with roll-off containers available in capacities of 10, 20, 30 and 40 cubic yards. To find out more about these related products and services, simply contact us or mention it as "additional information" on our free quote form.)

Shower Trailers

Our six-stall shower trailers are divided into 2 sections: the women’s side has 2 stalls and the men’s has 4 stalls. Each unit is self sufficient providing up to 80 showers as a standalone unit. More showers can be taken if there is a outside water source, electrical source and means of disposal.

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Holding Tanks

Our septic holding tanks range from 200 gallons to 1500 gallons; they can be used on job sites attached to washroom trailers, seasonal use on RVs, or other applications.

Septic Pumping

Ask us about regular septic tank maintenance to avoid costly repairs.